How to Install WordPress Software On GoDaddy Web Hosting Server

Install WordPress in Godaddy Web Hosting

Most Important Things to know about WordPress


WordPress is an Open source Software. It can be used to create the website, blog or app.WordPress is the content management system software. The languages PHP and MYSQL are combined. WordPress has many themes and plugins.  you can add new themes and plugins.

Out of many CMS, Softwares WordPress is one of the most used Content Management System(CMS) Software. It is an Open source Software Where you can use to create your own beautiful website, Blog, or app. There are many CMS software like Joomla, Drupal etc… Out of these Softwares. It is based on PHP and MYSQL. PHP is a server scripting language that is used to develop web pages and MYSQL is an open source relational database management system. WordPress is mainly used for blogging purpose and also used other web content including more traditional mailing lists, online stores, and media galleries.

WordPress is easy to install than other CMS Softwares.

WordPress can be installed Automatically or Manually on the host server to our website.

Automatic Installation of WordPress:

It is installed directly into our website by just click on the installation option. It is installed automatically on our website. we have WordPress Software install on the Cpanel admin panel.

Manual Installation of WordPress:

Manual Installation has some more steps to install. First, download the WordPress from the WordPress website. Upload this WordPress file to the hosting server in public/html location. extract this file.

To Install WordPress Software On GoDaddy Web Hosting Server or any other Hosting server:

Follow the below steps while you installing WordPress in the GoDaddy Web Hosting server:

First Sign in to your Account. After that click on your account profile, then you will see three options. My Products, Account Settings, My Renewals. Click on the My Products.

GoDaddy My Products


After that, you navigate to the My Products page. there you will have Domains and Web Hostings. In Domains, we have Add Privacy, DNS, Manage Options. In Web Hostings there Hosting with cPanel beside there are Options, Manage buttons. Now click on the Manage Button.

GoDaddy Web Hosting Manage Option

Then you navigate into the cPanel page. We have Account Details like Primary Domain, Account renewal date, and IP address of your website. In Tools, it has App installer, Database, File management Options, and Hosting Plan Details like the Starter, Economy, Ultimate, and Deluxe Hosting Options. There you find the cPanel Admin. Click on the cPanel Admin Button.

GoDaddy Web Hosting cPanel Admin

Then you navigate cPanel Admin panel. there you will have many options. In that go to the Your Building tools. In that click on WordPress.

Web Hosting Building Tools WordPress

Then you navigate into the installatron page. there you have filled the form like Title, Administrator username, Password, and other details save it and click on the install button. therefore WordPress is successfully installed in the hosting server.

WordPress Installation Using Installatron

After that login to the WordPress Dashboard by using username and password. you directly enter into WordPress Dashboard.

WordPress DashBoard


Note: You can directly login into your website by using your URL in that login into your account. you can edit your posts, pages, images, videos at any time.

In the WordPress dashboard, you can install new themes and plugins on your website. Activate them and used them for different styles and layouts and functionalities to our website.

We can Install or Uninstall WordPress Software at any time in GoDaddy cPanel.


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