DomainTyper – Check Whether the Domain Name is Available or Not?

DomainTyper Domain Name Generator


To check the domain name we are using this free website DomainTyper

There are many domain search engines out of these DomainTyper is the world’s fastest domain search engine. All other domain search tools are starting searching availability of your domain name once you click the enter button. But start searching while you are typing the domain name.

Check Domain Name Using DomainTyper



DomainTyper is used to check whether the domain name is available. This website gives an instant domain name search. It gives instant results when searching the domain name in the search bar it generates thousands of available usernames instantly within seconds.

DomainTyper URL:

Features of DomainTyper:

Domain Name Search is Secured with SSL.

It Supports over 1700 extensions.

Check your new name on multiple and social network sites.

It is partnered with Auction sites. It has millions of databases record where domain names are available.


Here are the steps  for searching the domain name

  • Go to the search bar in the domain typer website.

Type the whatever you want the domain name.

Check Domain name is available or Not using DomainTyper:


suppose you want If this is not available. You can go to other extensions like available domain extensions like .online, .shop, .store and .blog etc…

Below picture shows that is not available. Due to the red indication, the domain name is not available. So we go for other .extensions


Search Domain Name in DomainTyper

                                                    This pic shows that the is not available.


  • Let’s go for the search whether the domain name is available or not?
  • is available. Com is in a green indication. Therefore we can buy that domain.

                     DomainTyper Domain name is available

      This pic shows that is available to buy.


When the domain names are available we can buy the domain and web hosting by going to GoDaddy and Netim Websites.

Here we have learned how to check the domain names are available or not by using this website.

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