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GoDaddy is an American company which offers web services. GoDaddy could be a name registrar and net hosting, provider. They additionally offer some connected services to run a web site.

GoDaddy is a Domain Registrar that also provides Web Hosting and Email Hosting.

Domain Registrar:

A domain registrar is a company or entity that is responsible for handling the sale, registration, and management of domain names, a domain registrar must be an ICANN Accredited Registrar to be allowed access to the domain registry that they will interface with in order to push the “Hey, john doe just purchased and it points to this IP Address” messages out to the main DNS servers on the internet, which will then, in turn, propagate that information out to all the other DNS servers that request that information.

Web Hosting:

A Web Host is someone who sets up, manages and sells space on web servers, this is a program that accepts requests from web browsers and delivers web pages (very simplified), you usually purchase a pre-packaged plan that includes X amount of gigabytes of space and transfer per month, this allows users to pick the plan that fits their needs. Web Hosts usually bundle Email hosting along with web hosting.

Email Hosting:

Email hosting is the act of setting up and maintaining an email server that users will use to send and receive emails, you usually get a form of webmail software along with the hosting service.

GoDaddy website is the best website to buy the domains and web hosting on this site

Buy Domain and Hosting in GoDaddy

Here we can buy the domain and host this same on this website. So it is easy to use to the domain and hosting servers for our website.      

This site also has many offers and discounts for domains and hosting.

If you have coupon codes like promo codes the price of the product is gets reduced to depending upon the codes like 10%,15% of the price.

GoDaddy Brand Ambassador:

Recently our Indian Cricketer M.S. Dhoni became the brand ambassador for GoDaddy.

GoDaddy Brand Ambassador M.S. Dhoni

Some of the Ad Campaigns created by GoDaddy Brand Ambassador Dhoni:

Bijness Bhai | Shop | GoDaddy:

Bijness Bhai | GoDaddy:

Bijness Bhai Saloon | GoDaddy:

Bijness Bhai Market | GoDaddy:


 Buy a Domain and Web Hosting in GoDaddy Website:

Now we are Going to know how to create the domain in GoDaddy.

  • Search for the domain name what you like to have and enter in the search bar.
    GoDaddy Check for Domain Name is Available in Search Bar
  • Now suppose I am looking for if it is available I am buying that domain. Now, is available then click add to cart icon.GoDaddy If Domain Name is Available Add to Cart
  • After that click on Continue to cart option.
  • GoDaddy Continue to Cart
  • Then we land on another page where we have privacy options select the “No Thanks” in all of the radio buttons.

GoDaddy Continue with these Options


  • If you want Linux web hosting, then select the whatever packs you want like a starter, Economy and Deluxe packs select the whatever you want and click “Continue with these options”.GoDaddy Linux Web hosting Plans Starter Economy Deluxe
  • Finally, we got the last page where we have these option select Domain Registrations and Linux Hosting with Cpanel for how many years you want to use and then click “create an account”. If you already have an account then click “sign in”. When we signup we got these options like Name, password, Address and Entering Payment Details after entering this we can sign up the account. Then click on the complete purchase option.
  • GoDaddy Domain and Hosting Add to Cart
  • After payment has made the Domain name and web hosting are added to your account.
  • Then After Go to the email account and verify your account.
  • Then we sign in to our account to use them for  “website creation Process”.
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  1. Good written article. Godaddy is a brand. no one company like him. even though i am using hostnetindia shared hosting service. their service are not like godday but i am still glad with hostnetindia.

    thanks for this article. I am waiting your next.

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