How to Perform Website Audit

Perform Website Audit Process

Website Audit:

Website Audit can be mainly performed to increase the SEO factors for our website.

To Perform Website Audit there are following factors.

Organic Vistors per day:

Organic visitors are the visitors who are visiting through search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bingo. Organic search beats the paid search because more people are visiting through search engines. We can calculate organic visitors by using SEM Rush tool.

 Keywords Ranking on the First page:

The proper use of  Relevant keywords on our website will rank the website in top of the search results in the first page of search engine. Tool: SEM Rush

Backlinks/Linking Domains: 

Backlinks are the incoming links that are coming to a webpage. When a webpage links to any other page of the website, tool SEM Rush can calculate backlinks.

Technical Errors:

 There are some technical errors like URL missing, link broken and canonical errors. The tool SEM Rush can be used for calculating it.

Site Speed: 

Site Speed is how much time it takes for a page to getting loaded and also the performance of a website. Website speed can be tested using google page speed tool. it is a free tool.

Site Structure and No. of pages:

The Site Structure is what structure of the website and the total number of pages in a website. It can be tested by using Scream Frog tool.

Length of the Content: 

 The length of the content on the website. The tool used for the length of the content is Scream Frog Tool.

Alexa Rank:

Alexa Rank is the rank given by the Alexa website for the SEO factors.

Domain Authority and Page Authority:

Domain Authority predicts root domains ranking potential relative to the domains in our index.

Based on the algorithm of link metrics page authority predicts pages ranking potential in search engines. The tool is moz bar.

Duplicate Content:

 Duplicate content is the same data is available in different pages, websites. The tool is SEM Rush

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