How to Maintain Your Own Youtube Channel

Youtube Marketing

How to Maintain Your Youtube Account:

Youtube is a media sharing website allow users to upload the videos. Youtube is owned by Google. It is Google’s second most extensive search engine. It is completely free. each youtube account is associated with your Gmail address. In youtube, there are billions of videos. In the youtube video, you can comment and reply to the comments.

To create account youtube channel:

  • First, go to the Settings.
  • Click or create a new channel on all my channels.
  • Create a channel with a new id.
  • Go to the channel.

Account Optimization:

Create a youtube profile picture and upload and add channel art to the channel.

Additional Features:

  • Go to the Advance Setting
  • Fill the details like Country name and add channel keywords.

Youtube Channel  tags, thumbnails, and custom thumbnails:

First, upload the video.

Title: Give the title of the video.

Description: Give a detailed description of the video include the keywords, social media links.

Tags: In the Tags, section add the hashtags, related to the video to increase the number of views for the video.

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Analyze youtube keyword research:

Type the related keyword search use the related keywords in the search.

SEO Techniques:

The video title is same as upload title. use the same keyword in the description.

Video manager:

Select Videos  Edit and click the drop-down menu and click cards.

cards are put in the starting, middle and ending of the video.

More than 1000 Subscribers and 40,000 watch hours to join the youtube partner program. This enables you to monetize your channel.

There are six types of Youtube ads are available. They are

Skippable Ads (True view ads)

Non-Skippable Ads

Bumper Ads

Overlay Ads

Display Ads

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