What are Backlinks? How to Get Quality Backlinks for Website

What are BackLinks How to get Backlinks


Backlinks are incoming links to a website when a webpage link to any other page.

In the past, the primary metric for the classification of a website was the backlinks.

Major search engines like Google, a page with many links tend to rank higher. Backlinks are essential for SEO.

Internal links:

Internal links are linking within your website.

External links:

External links are linking within external websites.

website: moz.com is used to measure the backlinks of website, Domain Authority, and Page Authority.

Page Authority:

It predicts search engines pages ranking potential based on the link metrics algorithm.

Domain Authority:

 It predicts root domains ranking potential to the domains in our index. use this score to compare your likelihood to rank above that of your competitors.

SEM Rush tool: semrush.com


It is a paid tool it has 10 searches free every month. It displays the details of keywords, competitors, paid Ads etc.

How to Get Backlinks for your Website

We can get Backlinks when you have linking domains to the website.

1. Infographics:

Infographics define in the form of visual graphic representations of information, data or knowledge to clearly and rapidly present information. It is more powerful in generating consistent traffic, trust, and value.

The average human attention span is between 2-8 seconds. According to research from WebDAM, the human brain is processed 60,000 times faster for visual data than text. This is because of 90 percent of data to the brain is visual.

That helps understand the power of Infographics over a simple text Base blog post. other benefits too infographics are that it is Easily shareable has a higher chance of going viral and positions you an expert in your group.

When should you use Infographics:

Uses of Infographics are

  1.   It is used for Illustrating data.
  2.  It simplifies the complex data into simple information.
  3. It is mainly used to compare two or more things.
  4. It is used to raise awareness among the public.

5 Best Websites to Make Infographics Uses of Infographics:

Top Five Websites Helps in Creating Infographics:

To create an Infographics you must not be a graphic designer or an artist but you want the right tools for creating Infographics.












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