On Page Optimization Factors That Affect SEO of the page.

OnPage SEO Factors

On-Page SEO Factors that Affect SEO of the Page :

On Page SEO Optimization, Factors are very important for page optimization for increasing the rank in the google search results.

Some of the On Page SEO Optimization Factors include the URL, Meta Tags, Meta Description, Content, Links (internal links and External links), Images, and Videos.


URL(Uniform Resource Locator)  is a web address that uses HTTP and HTTPS protocols.

On page factor for URL is the Include the focus keyword in URL(except for homepage).

Meta tags:

In Meta tag, we use letters limitations of  60-65 characters. Include the focus keyword in Meta tag at the Beginning of the sentence in Title Case letters. It is Unique.

Meta Description:

In Meta Description, we use letters limitations of 170 characters. Include the Focus Keyword and other keywords. make it like a summary of the page.use the brand name at the end.


In H1 use the Focus Keyword. It must be in Title Case. H2-H6 keep the relevant keywords.


In content, Include the focus keywords and include other keywords. keep the sentence in Unique. Keep it in sentence case.  At least 300 content words should be on each page. Keep the words prominent for about 2-5% words in italics, bold. Use Synonyms and related words instead of repeating the Focus keyword many times.


Internal Links:

Provide links to all Relevant Internal Pages.

External Links:

Provide links to all Relevant External Websites.


 Use the keywords in the File name. Use the keywords in ALT Tag.


 Embed Relevant videos from youtube. You must provide a short description which contains keywords.

There are many other minor factors that affect the site ranking.


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