Most Common Domain Extensions

Most Common Domain Extensions 2019

What is Domain Extensions?

Domain Extensions is also known as Top Level Domains or TLD or Domain Name Suffixes.

Choosing a recognizable domain extension for your business is very important.

Top Five Most Common Domain Extensions:

Here are the most common domain extensions to consider.

1. .com (commercial) : 

One of the most top-level domains (TLD) is .com. It was originally used to designate for-profit business. Now it is used for all kind of business.

2. .net (network):

.net domain extension is initially intended for networks or service providers. It presently becomes an alternative for .com. Many people associated .net with web-based applications and services. It is also good for tech companies implies networking and technology.

3. .org (organization):

 It was originally used for organizations. It is mainly used for non-profit business purposes.

It’s is meant for many non-governmental organizations, political parties, nonprofits, politicians and online communities. .org is a trustable and reliable source of information.

4. .co (company):

 It was originally used to designate the country code Columbia. It is mainly used for company.

5. .edu (education):

.edu domain extension is used by college and educational institutions. It is available for public registrations.

6. .info (information): 

This is used for website having information, database, and knowledge.

7. .biz (business):

one of the domain .biz is used for business and it is alternative to .com domains for business. some spammy sites also using this .biz domain.

8. .me (personal):

 This extension often used in personal websites or blogs that don’t have commercial intent.

9. .in (India): 

It was originally used to designate the country code India. It is suitable for business in India.





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