How Google Analytics Will be Useful in Analyzing Website

Google Analytics

Google Analytics:

Google Analytics is an analytics service offered by the Google that tracks and reports website traffic, audience, acquisition, geolocation of the audience, and conversions, currently as a platform in the Google Marketing Platform brand. In November 2005, Google began this service.

The world’s most popular web analytics is Google Analytics. It helps us to track the audience who are visiting our website, location, behavior, interest which help us to improve our service better to reach more numbers of customers in the market. It also shows on which social channels we get more traffic and audience conversion into the lead. Google Analytics also has the real-time in this you can understand how many users are viewing our website at present now. It also has the traffic sources in that we can get the resources of traffic.


In Acquisition field contains the total number of users visited our website.


users who are visiting from social media channels.


users who are visiting the website directly.

Organic Research:

 users from the search results in google search engine.


users are visiting from the other referral websites.

How to Setup Google Analytics Account:

To set up a Google Analytics account

In Google search, search for google analytics

Click on the

For business purpose use business email id for signup.

  • Click the signup button. If you have already signed up, create a new account.
  • What would like to track Website or Mobile App?
  • Set up Account Name and Company Name.

Set up your property:

  • Website Name: Enter website name.
  • Website URL: Enter the website address.
  • Industry Category: choose the industry.
  • Get Tracking ID.

Go to Analytics:

Go to Admin – copy the tracking code.

The tracking code is placed on every head section on every page or mobile app. You can, therefore, collect data on the property of Google Analytics.





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