What are Digital Marketing Activities? Advantages of Digital Marketing

What is Digital Marketing Advantages


Digital Marketing:

Digital marketing is the process by means of different digital channels, to attract, convert and engage your target customers more efficiently and accurately.


  • Marketing is the process of
  • Identifying and reaching target customers.
  • Showcase the Product/Service.
  • Convince them to purchase the product.
  • Keep the customers loyal.
  • Reaching Business objectives.
  • Reducing spending and Increase Efficiency.

The following steps are needed in marketing.

Digital Marketing Activities:

  1. Analyze the Client’s marketing requirements of the customers.
  2. Identify the right channels for promotion.
  3. Media/Budget Planning.
  4. Generate and Distribute Content.
  5. Manage Conversations.
  6. Optimize Content for Discoverability(SEO).
  7. Use Online Advertising to Reach People Faster.
  8. Use Analytics to Understand and Improve the Outcomes.

Most Required Qualities for Digital Marketing  are

  • Curiosity.
  • Passion.
  • Result Orientedness.
  • Research.
  • Writing.
  • Presentation.
  • Conversation.

Traditional Marketing:

Traditional Marketing we use Televisions, Telephones, Radios, NewsPapers, Letters, and Posters.

Digital Marketing:

In this, we use Computers, Laptops, Mobiles, and Tabs.

In this, we use 5 C’s

  • Conception
  • Content
  • Campaign
  • Conversation
  • Conversion.

Who needs Digital Marketing?

All business and individuals who want to market their products and services.

The Process of Digital Marketing:

There are 4 step process 
Digital Marketing Four Step Process


  1. Ask Questions and Collect Requirements from client.
  2. Define the Target Audience or Buyer Persons
  3. Create core messages.
  4. Develop campaign ideas.
  5. Prepare a channel mix.
  6. Target Audiences: Demographics like Age, Gender, Occupation, Income etc. Geographics like Physical location, psychographics like interest, behavior, personality, values, etc.
  7. Choose social media channels to promote.


  1. Create a website.
  2. Setup social media channels.
  3. Create campaign ads.
  4. Create videos, infographics etc.


  1. Optimize website for search traffic.
  2. Run Paid Campaigns.
  3. Run Email Campaigns.
  4. Run Influencer Marketing Campaigns.
  5. Create and distribute high-quality content.


  1. Setup Conversion Tracking.
  2. Monitor Conversions.
  3. Optimize Conversion Rate.
  4. Run Experiments or Split Tests.

Advantages of Digital Marketing:

  1. Most of the people are Online.
  2. Reach more people with less budget.
  3. Target Audience Better.
  4. Analyze results better.
  5. Optimize Performance.
  6. Run Intelligent Campaigns.
  • Nowadays most of the people are Online. So that we can easily target them
  • We Reach the More People with Less Budget using Digital Marketing.
  • The audience is better at this target.
  • We can Analyze Results very Better.
  • We can easily Optimize Performance of the website.
  • We can Run Intelligent Campaigns like Remarketing.




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