Different Types of Social Media Sites Helps in Promoting

Different Social Media Sites

Social Media:

Nowadays Social Media becomes very popular in the world. Every people uses social media to communicate with friends, family, business people, and to follow celebrities. Social Media Channels, Marketers, and Advertisers use social media channels to promote their brand or product so that they can target their audience and convert into the customers. Generally, people are aware of social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.


Different Types of Social Media:

There are six types of social media. They are

  1. Social Networks.
  2.  Social News.
  3. Bookmarking.
  4. Blog comments and forums.
  5. Media Sharing.
  6.  Microblogging.

Social Networks: 

Social Networks is a website for social media that enables users to share and connect similarly interested persons. Facebook is a popular website for social media. Everyone in the world is spending their time on Facebook at least once a day.  There are several social networking websites that allow following their users.

Example of Social Network sites:

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn.. etc.

Social News: 

The Social News website allows users to post their information, information links, and other items outside of the box. Users can vote the content and articles. The items with the more number of votes can be displayed most prominently.

Example of Social News website:



Users can save and arrange online links to any of their websites and resources via bookmarking sites. This service helps the users to easy to search, invariability, share with their followers.

Example of Bookmarking Site:


Blog comments and Forums:

An online forum is a website where users can talk and respond to community messages. Blog comments are also the same thing the comments are user specific subject that attached to that blog.

Example of Blog comments and Forums:

Google has a most popular blogging site aptly titled, Blogger.  However, it has endless numbers of blogging sites, so many of them niche based blogging sites.

Media Sharing:

Media sharing sites enable users to share various media types, including photos or videos. Most sites have social characteristics such as users can create profiles and comment on images.

Example of media sharing site:

Youtube is the most popular media sharing website that allows users to upload the videos, commenting to the uploading videos.


Users can submit shortly written entries, including links to products, services, and social networking sites via microblogging websites. Websites Then it is posted on the walls of all those who have subscribed.

Example of microblogging site:

 Most popular microblogging website is Twitter. In this users can share the products or services in the form of Tweets.


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