What is Affiliate Marketing? How it Works

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing:

Affiliate marketing involves a commissioning process in which other people’s products or the company are promoted. Find a product relevant to the site or niche, promote it on your website, make the others to buy the product, you earn a profit like commission when some buy the product. you can earn commission for each sale.


Affiliate Marketing is direct marketing of products by making money from sellers or advertisers.

In Affiliate Marketing there are four components. They are


An advertiser is a person who creates and sell the products.

Ex: Books writers, Mobile manufacturers, etc.

2. Affiliate(Publisher): 

Affiliate is an individual or company who promotes the products of the advertiser to sell and earns a commission.

3. Customer(Consumer): 

The customer buys the product from the affiliate.

4. Affiliate Networks:  

Affiliate Network is the third party which connects Advertiser and Affiliate(Publisher) through a unique platform.

How Affiliate Marketing Works?

The following steps are

  1. The affiliate signup in the advertiser’s affiliate program and chooses the products that he/she wants to sell in the website.
  2. The advertiser uses the Affiliate Marketing System(AMS) to track the publisher sales.
  3. The publisher writes the content about the product and drives the more traffic to sell the product and made the audience to buy the product through the link. The publisher generates the sales through the organic search, social media, emails and ads.
  4.  All the sales details of the publisher are stored in AMS.
  5. Customers visit the publisher website if they like the product buys through the link. then the publisher will get the commission for each sale generated through that link.

Affiliate Networking Sites:

Some Affiliate Marketing networks  websites are

  1.  Amazon Associates.
  2. VCommission.
  3. ShareASale Affiliates.
  4. eBay Partners.
  5. Shopify Affiliate Program.
  6. Clickbank.
  7. Rakuten Marketing Affiliates.
  8.  Leadpages Partner Program.
  9. StudioPress Affiliate Website.
  10. CJ Affiliate Publisher’s Program.

By using this Affiliate Networks we can earn commission for selling their products on our websites or blogs.

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