5 Things You Need to Know About Modern SEO

5 Things to Know About Modern SEO

5 Things You Need to Know About Modern SEO

We already know about SEO is Search Engine Optimization for ranking our website in top of the search results page in search engines. SEO is the process of applying strategies, techniques, methods, and tactics used to increase the number of visitors to a website by obtaining a high ranking position in the search results page of search engines like google, bing, yahoo, AOL, and other search engines. But there are new and more effective ways of applying SEO techniques by simply using keywords in the body of text is not getting good results.

You need to know 5 modern SEO topics

  1. LSI keywords.
  2. SEO Local Results.
  3. Mobile-Friendly Content.
  4. Social media SEO.
  5. Link Building Strategy(Backlinks).

Modern SEO:

Modern SEO is the process of optimizing your website pages in such a way that the visitors of your site get a great user experience, and the content on pages satisfies the users, search query or intent.

If you want to rank top for your website in search results, you have to put the phrase in the “Title tag” of the page, in the page link, in the meta description as well as repeat  7 or 8 times throughout whatever you wrote (keyword stuffing) in the page, then submit the page link in a bunch of directory submission sites for this keyword. You didn’t need to think whether what you wrote on that page answered the searcher’s query when he clicked to your website.

SEO is changing all the time. Every now and then google comes with new rules aiming to improve the quality of their search results. The web site is ranked using algorithms.

Things about Modern SEO you need to know::

Modern SEO Strategies:

1. LSI Keywords:

LSI (Latent Semantic Index) is a system that helps search engines to analyze people using a specific topic. In the search engine, it is based on user search patterns and behavior, how one keyword search is usually linked to another keyword search.

Enforcing your targeted keywords with its related keywords (semantically related) you increase your changes on ranking higher.

How to use LSI keywords for Better Ranking:

Use your keyword and LSI keywords when it needs. Don’t include keywords randomly. most of all, forget about keyword density. For better search ranking here are someplace you should put your keyword:

  • In permalink.

  • H1 tag.

  • H2 tag.

  • In title tag.

  • In image alt text.

  • At the start of the article, put the keyword.

  • At the end of the article, put the keyword.

By using Keywords and LSI keywords helps in ranking better in the search results page of search engines.

2. SEO Local Results :

Seo is the marketing that helps in growing visibility in organic search engine results. various search engines use the technical elements to improve rankings, traffic sources and increase awareness. There are many aspects to it, that link other sites on the web from the words on your page. SEO sometimes makes your site simply structured in a way to understand search engines


there are millions of customers everyday use the local search to find the best local businesses in their area. By working with local SEO companies that increase the chances of finding your website by potential customers. Online marketing is targeted by local SEO. local SEO companies allow business in search engines and digital platform to seen by potential customers.

Mostly used services of Local SEO:

Localize website:

Website localization means including your city, country or region name to your website. Website localization is the process of adapting an existing website to culture and local language in the target market and also adopting a website into a different linguistic and cultural context

Citation Building:

Ensure your website features on citation sites and online business directories. It helps the customers to find your business and your company’s name, address and phone number on the citation sites and extra information on business directories that will help improve the search rankings of your website.

Claim your google my business listings:

To claim my business page is an important step in helping your company display important Google services, such as local searches, maps and Google+ pages.

Manage reviews and ratings:

Honest and genuine reviews are essential both for showcasing the quality of your service and for sending signals to search engines that your site and service are trusted and useful to people

Getting high-quality backlinks:

Getting the backlinks from websites helps search engines to recognize your website as a trusted source of information. Links from various local newspapers, bloggers and business websites, that can help improve your search visibility.

3. Mobile-Friendly Content:

Nowadays most people browsing web pages through mobile phones. It is better to design our website mobile friendly and responsive design.

Create mobile content in three different ways.

Optimizing Text:  

Use of Shorter Words: we have to use the shorter and more precise word in your mobile content.

Optimize Images & Videos:

Images are a great way to make your content more readable to users on mobile devices. We have to use screenshots, graphics, memes and more add visual images to your content that keeps the users more interested. But it is your images are well optimized for mobile.

Optimizing design:

Responsive design: Responsive design should be used across all platforms. It means that your screen sizes and content changes to fit within the mobile devices.

4. Social media SEO:

Social media is much more connected to SEO. search engines help to follow the behaviors and trends of real people.

As the search progresses, social factors being incorporated into the ranking algorithms. Now, there are many benefits to social media that offer SEO campaigns.

some of them are

1. Direct traffic and indirect links for SEO:

Popular stories and articles on the largest social media sites help in bringing a huge amount of traffic – which is great for branding and gaining exposure. SEO helps a large increase in indirect links. The social media sites themselves don’t provide much link value, but many publishers and webmasters look to social media sites for their references, which results in valuable editorial links that help improve rankings in search engines.

2. Direct link sources help with indexing:

some social media sites are beneficial because they provide direct SEO links. Most of these links include the nofollow tag, some do not or take it off if an article receives a set number of votes. social media sites are frequently crawled by search engines, so any links on them help the search bots to find and index new pages very quickly.

3. Social media pages with high ranking potential:

The other benefit of social media is that many social sites have high domain authority and ranking potential.  Most of these pages on these sites including profiles are likely to rank for targeted keywords, which creates multiple search listings for a brand and it is ideal for various reputation management campaigns.

4. Integration into the search results:

Google and Bing search engines are working to incorporate useful content other than plain links into their search results. example, map listings with business reviews and ratings, videos, and images that are commonly found in the SERPs for many keywords.

5. Social factors in search engine algorithms:

As it stands now, the biggest search engines (Google, Yahoo, Bing) mainly use various forms of the advanced link and keyword analysis to determine the rankings. SEO is about keyword research, optimizing page content, and building links anymore to get social to achieve success.

5. Link Building Strategies(Backlinks) :

Link Building Strategy means getting backlinks from other websites that help in increasing ranking for our website. Backlinks are of two types-

Do follow backlinks:

Do follow backlinks are those that allow search engine bots to follow them and reach out to the website. It’s one of the best ranking factors that Google uses.

No follow backlinks:

It doesn’t allow the bots to follow the links. It hardly matters to Google for ranking in comparison with the do follow backlinks. But a lot of traffic can also drive.

Some link building strategies are

Know your audience:

 Before you do anything, you need to know about your targeted audience. Get to know them and then decide what they really need.
Create a list of competitor websites- Start digging out the websites in the same niche that you are targeting.

Check out their backlinks:

Use tools like Aherfs and check the websites that they getting backlinks through.

Create great content:

Content is the king if you wish to get high-quality backlinks to create awesome content that your competitors are getting backlinks for.

Reach out:

 Use your list of websites that are providing your competitors backlinks and ask them to checkout out your blog post on the same topic through a cold email.

Use social media:

You can also use social media channels to promote your content, this may even get you many quality backlinks.

Republish your content:

Use blogging platforms like LinkedIn and Medium to republish your content. This will give you no-follow links but will definitely drive a lot of traffic.

Create and share Infographics:

Infographics are trending. Create infographics and reach out to the websites that have content related to it and ask them to share your infographic.

These backlink strategies help in getting more quality backlinks to our website that improve rankings in the search results page of the search engine.

These are the 5 things we need to know about modern SEO.

Some of the Advanced SEO Techniques:

Some of the Advanced SEO Techniques are

1. Analyze the website properly.
2. Research targeted keywords carefully and choose closely related keywords.
3. Check website content duplication, quality & keyword density.
4. Optimize meta tags properly.
5. Rewrite Url in necessary.
6. Web pages interlinking.
7. Optimize Heading tags.

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